Thursday, June 3, 2010


Haven't blogged in a while. A lot has happened since my last attempt at being "creative". Not even real sure where to start or what to say. One thing for certain, I've learned a whole lot in the last few weeks about people. Some have surprised me; some have just down right shocked me! Some have let me down; some have been a blessing; some a disappointment. I think my downfall is putting too much of myself into any relationship I get involved in. In most cases, the relationship itself is so rewarding to me that I get so wrapped up in the desire to have this bond that I don't see how a person truly is until it's too late. Maybe I'm naive or too trusting. Whatever my problem, I never seem to learn my lesson.

I love people and love forming friendships with people. My sister Carla told me once that I might be the only Jesus that some people ever see. So it's important to me that the connections I make in life count for something. God's son gave all of Himself for us, so why shouldn't I try and give 100% of myself? But people are changing. I think it's partly due to our society constantly changing. I mean, whatever happened to people having ethics and integrity as a part of their 'personal resume'? I thought that those things still existed in most people but lately I've learned that those characteristics aren't "popular" anymore. I'm just so surprised at the behavior that people exhibit. It's heartbreaking.

Lesson learned: We all have a longing for that physical relationship with someone; that's just our human nature. The one true friendship/relationship that will never fail us, is the one we have with God. He will never let us down. He will never fail us. You don't have to worry about Him ever breaking your heart or turning on you. And as for His 'personal resume', ethics and integrity are at the top in bold letters.