Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When Paul and I grocery shop, I usually wander around while he does all the shopping. That way we avoid any unnecessary threats towards each other or food fights in the aisles. I don't know what it is about the grocery store but we seem to irritate each other more during that 2 hour process than any other time. This last occasion, however, I decided to just push the cart and try this without having any confrontations. Which basically means I kept my mouth shut the whole time and let him do his thing and it actually turned out great! Go figure!!

At one point, he had to go back for something so I wedged myself and the cart in between some of those big freezer bins and waited for him. As I waited, I watched people. I completely shut noise out and just looked into people's faces, wondering what their story was. The lady with the three kids who looked like they could use a bath and a good meal, picking up items and then putting them back on the shelf. Telling her kids "no, we can't afford that!" The guy with a list, looking up at the aisle markers while on the phone explaining to that other person that "I can't find where it is!" Then there's the lady with her fur vest, manicured nails and jeweled fingers strutting, and yes, she was workin' it in the grocery store, talking to her teenage daughter who was texting on her phone the whole time. Each passed by and I wondered what their life was like.
So many others with blank stares, some with smiles, some that just looked so sad and I couldn't help but wonder were they happy? Where was their smile? Did somebody, anybody, really care about these people? It put me in some what of a somber mood for the next few hours. Wondering if these people had Jesus, did they have someone who truly made them happy, are they experiencing heartache right now or hurt of any kind? And why did I care so passionately all of a sudden?

This really weighed on my for a few days ( I don't know why) and it caused me to start looking at people differently. Trying to figure out what their heart was saying by looking at their faces. Wondering if I could make a difference in their day or just in one little moment. So I started just simply smiling at everybody. I would catch someone's eye and I'd smile. I've been surprised at the response. People are smiling back. Most people, except for that guy that I accidentally cut off on the freeway the other day. I smiled, he waved with one finger :/ (can't win them all) ;) I want people to know that even if I don't know you that I do care. I have a passion for people and I want to make a difference as much as I can. Because I know that when I do, that Jesus is getting all the glory! He's using me in that small moment and I couldn't ask for anything more in life. It's just a smile, I know, but all day, everyday, I reflect Him and if I'm not smiling, people may wonder where my happiness is. People may look at my scouring face and wonder if I have true happiness and as a Christian, it should be evident at all times! I'm not going to tattoo I love Jesus on my forehead and my life isn't always rainbows and kittens but that shouldn't stop me from sharing my smile and my happiness with people that cross my path everyday.

There's not really any deep philosophical meaning to this blog. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Smile at someone! Even when you aren't feeling it, just smile. You could change not only your demeanor but someone elses attitude, heart, and/or mind with one small little gesture. And to me, it's completely worth it!