Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Perfect Harmony

I grew up in a house where music was part of our daily lives. My father played the trumpet and banjo; my mother, along with being an amazing pianist, can play tons of different instruments; my sisters and I used to get dressed up in matching outfits (some of which have scarred me for life) and would travel to different churches and events and sing three part harmony (Forrester Sisters didn't have nothing on us!); Carla was the violinist, I was the piano player and Kelly's instrument has always been her voice. Mom was patient with us and allowed us to try different things until we found our talent.

I never took to reading music. I just liked to hear it and then play it or sing it. I still do that. It's just easier for me that way. When I was very young, mom would stand beside me and sing the alto part to a song in my ear and that's how I learned to sing alto and that's when the beast was created! I harmonized with anything I heard from TV commercial jingles to opera, you name it and I was going to find that harmony.

But nothing has changed to this day. I love to put my earphones in, especially at the gym, and jam out to anything and everything. I just can't help myself...I will sing out loud, not thinking about who else is around me. Now, getting the words right to any song has always been a challenge for me-sometimes my lyrics are better than the original ;) but you can bet that whatever I'm listening to, I'm loud and proud...and singing just the harmony. Now for those people around me that can hear what I'm singing, they are hearing only the alto line (loudly). Yesterday...I got looks. Looks that said "Girl...not only are you being too loud but you can't sing" or "Honey...you need to give that mess up before you hurt yourself" Well, ya know what?! You don't know what's playing on the other end of my earphones so you don't know that right now, you're hearing a masterpiece! You're hearing a beautiful blend of harmony between me and Bruno Mars and me and Pink! I mean, I'm one alto line away from getting that call from Adele, asking me to go on the road with her...I just know it!

Ok, back to reality-you all just busted my daydream bubble! I actually got something out of that. Everyone sing/dances/lives to their own beat. We don't know what's causing people around us to act like they do sometimes because we can't hear what they're listening to. They may actually be making beautiful music and we judge them without having any idea what's on the other end of their life 'ipod'. (I almost typed walkman...geesh, I'm getting old!)

Don't judge-don't hate-just try to harmonize with them. (But try to be on key...nobody likes listening to flat harmony, OKAY?!!

"I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony. A song of peace that echos on, and never goes away."