Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So, yeah...it snowed!! I love the snow! Seeing it snow makes me get all giddy inside and feel like a kid again! I spent most of my childhood in West Virginia so, each of the seasons played out like they were supposed to there. It was warm in the summer, cool in the fall and spring and cold in the winter just like it's supposed to be. I didn't know what humidity was until I moved to Arkansas. I was pretty sure that we were close to the gates of hell the first time I spent a summer here! Of course, you can just imagine my disappointment when November and December rolled around and there was NO snow!! Needless to say, I've continued to have a little bit of hope each year since I've moved here.

It does crack me up to see everyone here scramble around and go bonkers when the weathermen say it's going to snow. There is this insane mob at the grocery store and every egg carton, milk carton and bread bag is pretty much wiped out! I've always said that there must be a lot of people going to be living on french toast while they are snowed in. Why DOES everyone go for those three items every time there is a snow threat??? Why not chips and cokes and cookies?? Oh well, to each his own I guess!

Every once in a while, I get my wish of seeing snow and this weekend was another one of those times! My son and I and the neighbors all got out yesterday and went sledding and 4wheel riding. We had a lot of fun. It reminded me of when mom would get me all decked out in my lavender colored snow suit and I'd spend all day playing in the snow! It was a scene straight out the Christmas Story-we'd get 2 layers of clothes on, snow suit, scarf, gloves, hat and boots and you could barely get out of the front door because you couldn't move your arms or walk straight! But it was sooooo fun! Yesterday was great but it's nothing like back home. I could step off the side walk and would be waist deep in snow! We'd get the sleds or toboggans and slide through the powder or we'd run around until every inch of the yard had footsteps in it! And most definitely, there were snowmen! I mean, you can't NOT make a snowman when there's ready available snow!
Now I make memories with my son in the snow. He's not all about putting on a snow suit so he went sliding down the hill in his jeans...and ended up with a crack full of snow! After some of that and him pulling us around on his 4wheeler, we went inside to warm up. Nothing beats snuggling up with him and watching a movie! That was my favorite part of the day!

Not everyone loves the snow like I do and I offer my sincere condolences to those of you who are not enjoying this but I must admit that this, by far, is my favorite time of the year :)