Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did you here me???

"Mama...mama...mama...mama..." over and over my nephews will say this until they receive a frustrated "WHAT?!" in return. My sisters can be right in the middle of a conversation, or trying to do something but that doesn't matter at all. What my nephews want right at that moment from their mother is more pertinent to them than anything else that is going on. They haven't quite grasped the concept of what no interrupting means and quite haven't figured out that mom's can multi-task and while their attention may be directed elsewhere at the moment, they still heard them say "mama" the first time. What seems to be even more frustrating is that when mom finally does respond and gives them their full attention, the "pertinent need" is simply "open this" or "Macey won't let me...." or "Blake won't..."

This made me think about Christians and their relationship with God. Constantly calling on Him, over and over again, thinking that He's not listening to us. We know He's right there. We know He always hears us, but yet we allow frustration to set in because He's not answering us as quick as we think He should. There a billions of people in this world that call on Him every second of every day! Some need Him more than others and each of those people feel that what they need right then and there is more pertinent over anyone else's wants and needs. All we need is to call on Him just once and He knows...He hears...He will. That concept is too much for a 6 year old to grasp onto but in time they will learn that only once is needed.

How many times does God call on us? He patiently stands there, calling, "Amy...Amy...Amy..." and sometimes we finally will stop and say "WHAT?!" "What now?" And when He knows He has our attention, all He wants to tell us is " I love you" What He wants is more pertinent and pressing then what we want. What He desires is more important than anything else and yet we don't hear or don't listen and even some chose to ignore.

Do you want God ignoring you? I don't think so. Keep your heart open to Him, don't make Him call you over and over again. You might miss out on something life changing!

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