Monday, November 30, 2009

24 Nights Before Christmas

'Twas 24 nights before Christmas and all through the cities
The men were grouchy; the women were bitties-
All the attitudes had started & there wasn’t a care
Of what Christmas was about and that we needed to share!
I lie in my bed, pondering on this,
Wondering if this year would be another miss!
Kids wanting and wanting and parents giving and giving
How did they not know this wasn’t the reason for living!
Things and toys…they just don’t matter!
They end up in the closet or on the floor with a splatter!
What could I do? What could I say?
To get people to realize it should be Christmas everyday!
I jumped out of my bed and got on my knees,
Praying to God to show me something please!
Then all of a sudden it hit me like jello!
Someone should tell them it’s not about the red-suited fellow!
From that point on, every person I saw
I told them about Christ and how he came to save us all!
How He loves each of us the same
No matter what our name!
The attitudes changed and I could see people caring
They had started giving and helping and some even sharing!
I knew it was a start and there was much more to do
To get people to realize God’s love is important too!
When I think of Christmas there’s much more to tell
Than of santa and snowmen and a jingly silver bell!
There’s wisemen and shepherds and a manger for a bed
Where the precious baby Jesus, laid his little tiny head!
He came to die for us, to take punishment for our sin
So that one day we can spend eternity with Him!
That’s the best gift there is and one that we can share
With friends and family and people everywhere!
Merry Christmas to each of you, who live far and near
And let’s celebrate God’s love, everyday of the year!!

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