Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are you "running" right?

Tyler was fortunate enough to get a new 4 wheeler for Christmas. He was so excited! He has been on that thing every day he's been able to since then. Each morning, before we leave the house, he'll go out in the garage and start the 4 wheeler up. He'll sit on it and let it run for a minute or two, then he shuts it off and we head out to start our day. He said he lets it warm up a little every morning so it'll run better.

How much easier I think our days would be if we would just take a few minutes to "warm up". It would only take a few minutes out of our schedule to stop and spend some time with God. Spending time in His Word and spending some time praying, can make all the difference between us "running" right or us not "running" at all. We should value ourselves, just like Tyler values his 4 wheeler, and take some time to allow God to start us up so that we'll run better each day.

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  1. Words of wisdom from a wise ya girl!