Thursday, September 2, 2010

Full or Empty? Which are you?

I'm a very thankful person. I believe in being thankful for the smallest of gestures to the most amazing blessings! Over the last few months, though, I have to admit that there have been a few times that it's been hard for me to be thankful. I know that when we're faithful to God, He'll be faithful to us, and God HAS provided for us in so many different ways. It has been awesome to see how He has worked things out in our lives.

I had a conversation the other night with a young lady who is much wiser than her years. We were talking about the expression 'glass half full/half empty'. I try to look at my glass being half full. I just have a habit, not sure it's a good or bad habit, of being an optimist. I feel that there's always something good that can be found in every situation, hence my glass is half full. My husband, however, tends to be somewhat of a pessimist and  his half empty glass drives me nuts! We were discussing how pessimists get on my nerves and how optimists get on her nerves and then she said something that made me stop in my tracks. She said "You know, it really shouldn't be about the glass being half full OR half empty. I'm more worried about what's IN the glass." What a statement! I couldn't stop thinking about that. How many times do we worry about whether or not our glass if half full or half empty when what we need to be concerned about is what's IN the glass?

There have been a lot of changes in our house over the last few months and I got a little caught up in actually seeing my glass as half empty. Things I've wanted, I haven't been able to get because of these changes. BUT there have been things that I've needed that God has taken care of. My focus was on my glass being half empty and that almost caused me to miss out on enjoying what I even had in the glass! I've overlooked that I don't have to tolerate the extensive verbal abuse from my former boss, that I faced each day. I don't have to answer to someone who is unethical and demeaning. I don't have headaches anymore. I can actually rest each night. I get to spend more time at home with my husband and son. I can come and go as I please, and recently, God has allowed me to work at home watching two precious little boys who have helped fill a void in my heart. I almost robbed myself of God's blessing because I didn't even concern myself with what I had...It's not always about our glass being half full or empty...we sometimes need to just be happy with what's in our glass.


  1. You know, sometimes we need a fresh perspective on things. Even on old sayings like that. That was a great observation. Loved it.


  2. Thanks G!! That means a lot coming from the most awesomest of awesomeness!!! :)