Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Nights

I love standing on my back deck and looking up at the sky. Especially when the nights are cool like they have been the past couple of days. On Tuesday the rain "dampened" the whole day! I wished all day that I was at home lying in bed snuggled up under the covers. When i finally made it home that evening the rain had stopped. Everything looked so clean and fresh. The Mandevilla that is growing up the front of my house and the rose bush on the side seemed to be more awake with the drops of rain they received earlier that day. The grass that had just been freshly cut the day before, looked so green and manicured. When the dark settled on the house I took the opportunity to venture out and sit on the back deck.

I could hear the grasshoppers and frogs singing their bedtime songs. Occasionally, I could see the lights from lightning bugs in the distant. The air smelled clean and felt so cool. Then I looked up. WOW! There was not a cloud in the sky! The stars seemed as if they were right there for me to reach up and just grab onto. I'm not very knowledgeable in astronomy...I mean, I know there's a couple of dippers up there and somebody's belt but that's about it. I saw more than that. I sat there and played connect the stars and made a lot of pictures! They were all so bright and looked so big and it took me back to when we were little and would stare up at the stars and make crazy wishes...just hoping that the stars would be good to us just once! "Star lite, star brite, 1st star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish upon this star tonite" So naive and so innocent we were thinking that wishing on one little star would make all our dreams come true!

How wonderful and amazing to know that the God who made those stars can do so much more than that for us and we don't have to rely on little girl star wishing anymore!

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