Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Fun!

Gosh...I've got so much to catch up on that I don't even know where to begin! Let's see..
A couple of weeks after school was out, Tyler, Paul, Sarah and I went to West Virginia. This is where I call home! People always say you can't go back home but apparently those people don't know how good my home is :) So many awesome memories that I don't have enough space to get them all on here so you're going to have to take my word for it. It's a routine that I can't get out of when we go home. We eat, then we eat again, then we eat some more! I mean, what do you expect...we're Italians! And my Aunt knows how to throw down some kick-a recipes on us. The food combined with the great family makes for a very memorable week for us.
After WV, Tyler and I went to Meeker, CO to be part of the mission trip we do with the youth group from our church. It was awesome! I love being a part of that experience and sharing God's love with people that have no clue! Some of the little kids there didn't even know what a Bible was and so the church got together and passed Bibles out to them. It made me realize that I sometimes take my relationship with God for granted. Loving on those kids and sharing in that experience with Midtowne youth was exactly the boost my relationship with Him needed.
Came back from Meeker and it was off to the beach! Tyler had been wanting to go to the beach since last time we went so I decided that for his birthday that's what we were doing. The first night we sat out on the beach, looking up at the stars and hearing the rush of the waves hitting the was perfect! We talked about things and about the future and I went away with one of the most perfect memories we've ever shared.

With all that travel over, school started back up. This year is going to be bittersweet. It's his last year of high school and I'm so proud of him and all that he's overcome but I don't know if I'm ready for this chapter. I don't want to let go yet! :(  Tuesday was the best day ever! After 14 years of being in and out of the hospital due to his leukemia, we were fully released with an excellent bill of health!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! That day was such a monumental day for us!! Then on Friday, he turned 18! Truly can't believe it. 18 and his senior year...(dramatic pause...insert tears) K, I'm I was saying, Can't believe it! It's sad tho. I have some haters, a lot of people that think I'm one thing when I'm not, people who doubt me, people who chose not to be a part of my life. I hate that they are missing out. I can't describe the hurt this has caused. They can say what they want about me but one thing that will never be able to be said and that is that I'm not a good mother. When Tyler was born, I gave him to God. And everyday after that I've tried my best to help him understand how important his relationship with his Heavenly Father is. I love that boy and couldn't be prouder of him.

My husband has been a staple in my life and I'm so thankful that he's been there with me, by my side, through everything and has supported and loved me no matter what. I love that man!

This summer has been filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly but through all that one thing has kept me sane:  God is in control and He is the one who I give all the glory too. He is my Comforter and my Rock. I have been humbled and knocked down a few notches but I am finally at a place of peace with my life. I am looking forward to this year. Looking forward to experiencing all that God has ready for us!

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  1. This may sound weird, but you know how when you are sick or hurting or having tough times in your life, people say Lord please let this stop and i'll never do this again. Well i say thank you Lord i'll do it all over again with you. Amy you are my best friend and the love of my life,so proud of who you are and what you stand for. You are truly a blessing to me and everyone you come in contact with. Thank you for being you!!!!!