Thursday, June 25, 2009

Be Not Deceived...

I'm trying to be more pleasant with people who deem it necessary to treat me like crap from time to time. Nothing is solved when you respond to anger with anger. Although there are times when the red-horned guy on my left shoulder prevails over the angelic being on my right shoulder. It's at those times when I know that God rolls his eyes upwards, then shakes his head as He throws His hands up in a gesture that symbolizes "Are you kidding me?" Tuesday was one of those moments.

Why some men think that women don't know anything about vehicles or "man stuff" eludes me. Just because I wear a skirt and paint my toes, does not mean that my brain only functions in "foo-foo" mode! I can work on cars, do quite a bit of home repair, lay tile with the best of them, and love to get involved in"man projects". The body shop manager probably should not have assumed that I was a delicate little female that he could talk down to and would wither like a flower in the desert. Trying to tell me that it wasn't his fault that my car broke down and that he wasn't going to reimburse me the money I was out to repair his mistake did nothing but set me off in "balls of steel" form. My head and pointer finger swayed to the tune of "Oh no you didn't" while my face turned red and my tongue bounced to the tune of it's own drum. No, I didn't swear but when I was done, I left the office with a full reimbursement check and left the manager with a look of wonder and confusion...knowing that he was thinking "how did that skirt wearing lady with pretty painted toe nails know that I screwed her whole car up by overcharging her A/C?"

Sally Hanson should make a new nail polish color and call it "blind-sided red"!!

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