Friday, June 12, 2009


My son is going to be a sophmore this year! I can't believe how time has flown by. It just seems that not too long ago he was reaching up for me to hold him. Now it's me reaching up and standing on my tiptoes to hug him! I have to admit that he is turning out to be a wonderful young man. Our only problem is school!

We got his grades in along with a notice saying that he was short 1 credit and it was Algebra. Sadly to say that is probably my gene showing out in him because I cannot stand math. The letter was postmarked June 4th, we received it on June 9th and it said he needed to be registered by May 29th to start classes on June 8th. Hello??? Little bit of a mess up on mailing those out don't ya think? Well, his dad said that it was probably too late to register him, even tho the school messed up on the mailing. I think I actually saw Tyler's stomach fall to his ankles! He immediately started sweating and was so upset. Without summer school, he might not be allowed to be a sophmore. I told him I'd call the school and talk to them, IF I could get someone to answer seeing that it was the summer! I cleared it all up by 9am on Thursday. He can make it up during his sophmore year. His father and I agreed to let him think on things a while...use this opportunity to teach a life lesson here-so we decided not to tell him right away. Poor Kid! He texted me every hour asking me if I'd heard anything. I just kept telling him that I would let him know when I did. After work, I went and told him in person. He was so excited and relieved that he grabbed my neck and hugged me so tight! Thank you mom! Thank you! was all he would say!

I felt a litte bad for putting him through that but he needed something to jar him a little to help him understand how important school is. How important it is to listen! If only they would listen to us! As Christians, God provides us with all the tools necessary to "pass life"- We just don't listen. I picture him watching me make a mistake because I didn't listen, and Him just burying His head in His hands...or shaking His head going "Are you kidding me?? Did I just not tell you how to fix that and you really are going to try and do it on your own??" Life would be so much easier if we would take the time to listen and do it right the first time instead of just trying to get by.

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